Ronald Reagan Research Paper

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Ronald Wilson Reagan

40th President of the United States of America
By: Michael Licon

Am. Government

This research paper will go over several great things about Ronald Wilson Reagan he was our 40th president. Born on February 6, 1911, he was born in Tampico, Illinois. Ronald Wilson Reagan went to eureka college where he studied theatre which he followed after college to move on to Hollywood, He starred in more than 50 movies and they all varied.

Childhood His childhood was an average one he lived in a middle class family, was an athlete he played football, he worked as a lifeguard in his youth.

Motion Picture Career Ronald Wilson Reagan went to eureka college were he went into drama and student government. After he graduated he got a job as a radio sportscaster which was over the Chicago cubs. Ronald Wilson Reagan was an actor for Warner bros.; he was in over fifty movies. Some may know some of these titles-“Love Is on the Air”, “Hollywood Hotel”, “Swing Your Lady”, “Brother Rat”, “Dark Victory”, “Hells Kitchen”, “Angels Wash Their Faces”, “Angels With Dirty Faces”, “Secret service of the Air”, “Code of the Secret Service”, “Smashing the Money Ring”, “Murder in the Air” and “Kings Row” those are some of the movies he was in there are many more. His career in the movie business sky rocketed into nearly stardom. Until he went to serve after he came back he was concerned about his career because of some of the upcoming stars and the competitiveness that it was. He felt like his career in acting was no more after returning from war and he was in a few more movies after that. Life after War His acting career had fallen apart, and so did his marriage he was divorced in 1948. His reasons were his growing involvement in politics which his movie career led him; he was in the Screen Actors Guild board in his earlier career and continued to be after returning from war he was elected president of the SAG in 1947. He was concerned about the increase of communism in Hollywood. He made his last television show in 1964 which was said to be too violent for television it was called “The Killers” the show was the finale of his acting career.

Governor of California Two years after he quit his acting career he made a huge come back by becoming the governor of California. He left a huge impact on California he served two terms as governor.

Presidency In 1980 he was elected