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Financial Data – 4201
Autumn Semester, Term 2 – 2014

Dan Oglevee
Bus-Fin 4201 646 Fisher Hall
(614) 292-4102

Teaching Assistant:
Office Hours:

Vignesh Thiyagarajan 040 Fisher Hall
Monday 2 – 4pm and Wednesday 2 – 4pm

Course Topics and Goals
For nearly 30 years with the advent of the PC, spreadsheet models have been the dominant vehicle for finance professionals in the business world to practice their trade. This course will utilize Excel, a spreadsheet program offered by Microsoft, and challenge the student to improve their finance and modeling skills by personally constructing 25+ spreadsheet models. Students will further improve their familiarity with financial data analysis through various exercises that incorporate their completed models. The student who puts in the effort to not only complete the models, but analyze the key components will:

Increase their practical understanding of the core concepts of Corporate Finance
Develop hands-on spreadsheet modeling skills
Strengthen the ability to perform financial data analysis within an Excel Model
Build an entire suite of finance applications, which they fully understand and can explain!

Course Format
Students will be assigned a number of models to construct from the course textbook (electronic) on an individualized basis. The majority of the student learning’s will come from their hands on experience building financial models within Excel and subsequently working with a models key variables to perform data analysis. Online mini lectures will also be provided to augment the student’s understanding of key modeling concepts and the methodology behind some of the key financial models that are used to provide data analysis from a financial perspective.

Course Materials
(1) *Excel Modeling in Corporate Finance 2nd Ed., Craig W. Holden, Prentice-Hall 2004 ISBN
(2) **Microsoft Office Excel 2010: A Lesson Approach, Complete, Kathleen Stewart,
McGraw-Hill 2010 ISBN 978-0-07-733121-4

(3) A detailed outline of course content and assignments for each session can be found online at the Carmen website for the course.

*Please note: This book is out of print. There are a number of used copies out in the market place i.e., and various campus bookstores. I have also made arrangements with the publisher to offer an electronic copy of the book for purchase through a link available on Carmen. Although, the instructions on how to construct the models in Chapter 14 are correct, a number of the screen shots are inconsistent.
Chapter 14 will not be formally assigned. Should you wish to attempt the chapter on your own, please download the PDF files of the correct screen shots for figures 14.1 –
14.5 from the Carmen website.
** Please note: In order to help you manage costs, this book is not required. That being said, I believe it to be a worthy addition to anyone’s professional library and an excellent reference point for a multitude of concepts within Excel that this class will expose you to. Other Sources
One of the best sites and authors of Excel books can be found at
I also strongly encourage students to thumb through the following books at a bookstore and purchase those books that are appropriate to your developing skill set and interests with Excel.
Remember to check for the most recent edition.

John Walkenbach's Favorite Excel 2010 Tips & Tricks
Excel 2010 Formulas, John Walkenbach
Excel 2010 Bible, John Walkenbach
Excel 2007 Charts, John Walkenbach
Principles of Finance with Excel, Simon Benninga

E-mail Communication
If it is necessary to communicate with the class, I will send e-mail and/or update Carmen. I will assume that you check both your e-mail and Carmen at least once every 24 hours or talk to another
Bus-Fin 4201 classmate who does check their e-mail or Carmen daily.

Plus/Minus grades may be