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4222-303 Promote equality and inclusion in health, social care or children and young people’s settings.

Diversity simply means difference. It recognises that although we have things in common such as sex, gender etc. we are also each unique and different in other ways. These other ways can be visible or not visible such as characteristics, culture etc. Being diverse would be to except and welcome all people regardless of their differences.
Equality means to treat people in a way that is suitable to their own needs. Equality ensures that each individual has an equal opportunity to make the most out of their lives and their abilities regardless of their age, gender, race or disability etc.
Inclusion means to include everyone in a group or in society regardless of their age, sex, culture, disability etc. It is about learning to live together and feel valued and respected.
Discrimination is to treat a person or a group differently whether this is because you don’t like them, their culture, age, gender, disability etc. For example a person with a disability could be stopped from joining in a specific activity due to their disability, this would be discrimination. The effect of discrimination could be very different for different people; it can be physical, emotional or even both.
Listed below are some possible effects:
Low self-esteem,
Lack of achievement/education,
Restricted opportunities,
Increase in behaviours,
Individual becoming isolated/withdrawn,
Fear of rejection.
These possible effects should remain potential and any discrimination should be avoided.
Inclusive practice is an approach to care that recognises that no matter what the disability, gender, age, religion etc which means nobody will be discriminated against on the basis of people differences. It therefore promotes equality as equality is about treating people alike however according to their own needs. It also supports diversity, as well as recognising that everybody is different and no two people are ever the same. It also allows us to be able to make the individual to feel included and along with active support they will not be judged or treated miss fairly and receive all the correct help and support they need according to their person centred plans.
Legislations and codes of practice within the care setting are laws and statements that have been put in place by governing bodies and describe the standards of work in which we as health care professionals need to adhere too. They our set out in a way so we are able to follow them within our daily work role. All of the legislations and codes of practice relate in some way to equality, diversity and discrimination.
Due to having codes of practice put in place in my own job role it is clear what is expected of me and what standards I need to meet in my daily job role