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4228-028 Outcome 1
No1: The knee joint made up of several parts
ACL (Anterior cruciate ligament)
PCL (Posterior cruciate ligament)
LCL (Lateral collateral ligament)
MCL (Medial collateral ligament)
The knee joint is a hinged joint and is one of the most common to damage.

No2: I connect the power tool up to the air feed supply which is used to cut the knee joint to size ready for the implant, I will also connect the pulse lavage and Hartman’s fluid wash to the air feed which is used to wash out the joint after cutting the bone to size and after cementing the new joint in, the cement insert (cemvac) also needs to be connected to the air feed.I have provided some tray lists to go with this procedure.

No3: The surgeons roll is to repair/fix and replace or try to make things easier for the patient and he will have an assistant to help him support and hold tools or the patient for him, The scrub nurse is there as the surgeons right hand and will get all the instruments and equipment ready for him for when he needs it like setting up knee clamps and saw jigs ect, but he/she cannot leave the sterile theatre space so they also need a right hand person which is the runner/HCA whose job is to supply the scrub nurse with everything that they need for the surgeon so we as runners have to have a very good knowledge of all equipment and implants within the theatre unit and It is all the teams responsibility to provide a duty of care for the patient whilst in our care.

No4: Make sure we have good hygiene like
Clean hands and nails
Clean scrubs/uniform
Hair nets
Face masks and if needed face visor all equipment is ready and prepared for procedure so no delays
We have to all make sure that we keep a sterile field as to not contaminate the instruments or patient, as a hole we all look out for each other making sure that everyone is not just doing their job right but also making sure that all is safe for all surgeons/patients and staff and that all things should be kept in a sterile way and opened in a sterile field.
We can get contaminated by splashing of body fluid or by contact with dirty instruments or staff and intern the instruments or staff could become contaminated and end up infecting the patient which could if not court in time could have serious consequences for patients and staff.

No5: if the patient is awake we must discuss with them what we are about to do eg: transfer to a theatre trolley or using the bathroom, and that we will maintain their dignity by placing a blanket on top of the bed cloths when transfering the patient from trolley to bed they remain covered up to maintain dignity.
If the patient is unconscious and needs to be moved or repositioned then I would ask for help and proceed in the same way as to maintain their dignity and so that I am not alone with the patient when moving or repositioning patients.

No6: The patient’s condition is monitored by the anaesthetist, and any…