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After Steve Jobs died, Tim Cook came up with iphone6 that features wider screen to meet needs of customers who asked for wider screen like Samsung Androids. This meant a big shift to the Apple’s original strategy when Steve Jobs was alive. Steve Jobs said smartphones with more than 4-inch wide screens are difficult to use for customers and he pointed out that problem of Android’s limitation. He also kept his opinion that Apple will not make wider screen like Samsung. After Jobs died, Tim Cook took over Apple but the problem with small screen of iPhones had been arising and to fix that problem, Apple came up with iPhone6 and iPhone6 plus with wider touchscreen. This was a new strategy for Apple to target a wide range of customers because this in short term attract customers who had complained about Apple’s original size of the screen back to the market. However, the strategy is expected to push away some loyal customers who liked Apple’s product for its differentiated design. This decrease in loyalty will affect Apple in the future and it will put Apple in difficult situation where Apple has to fight competitors with their hardware. Apple can use differentiation strategy that meets their original philosophy of the firm to compete with other competitors as differentiation and creativity is their major competitive advantage. Also, the product should keep its simple and stylish design. Apple’s unique and innovative design is their strength and developing these strength in the future will lower the threat of substitute. Also, Apple should keep its unique strength of control over both iOS hardware and software because in the future it is important to keep balance between the two which will be powerful competitive advantage