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2. In every company, big or small, employee motivation is a factor that can have sales booming or at an all time low. An individual incentive pay program can be used as a very effective motivating tool when applied to the proper jobs. However, there are a few jobs which this program would be inappropriate for and could cause more harm than good. A job in sales such as a care salesman would be appropriate when applying the incentive pay. The incentive to make more money of of each sale is going to drive the employee to really push his sales onto the customers and try his best to close as many deals as possible. Jobs in manufacturing could also use incentive pay as a motivator. Managers at the warehouse I work in offer bonus pay each quarter for effective and high quality productions from each employee. The jobs jobs that I I believe an incentive program would be inappropriate are policemen and firemen. These jobs require the employees to be motivated at all times not only for their safety but as well as they people they serve. The fact that they put their life on the line every time they go to work should be incentive enough.
4. Under a group or company wide incentive program there will still be employees who are not motivated to perform their job at a high level and will still end up benefiting from the hard work and dedication from their co-workers. what I believe the company can do in this situation to stop the poor performing workers from benefiting off others is monitor each individual and grade the performance for each week. Just as the company’s efficiency is being monitored I believe each individuals progress should be monitored an recorded weekly. When it comes times for the benefits to be handed out the employees individual track records should be reviewed and those who did not perform at an acceptable rate should not be offer the bonus or benefits the others receive.