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Week 6 – In the Workplace

Aims for Today
Assessment Guidance Session
Questions & Answers
Work Placement Handbook
‘In the Workplace Activity’
Next Tutorial Sessions
Admin & Notices
Mid-Module Evaluation

Assessment Guidance

Assessment 1
Assessment 1 is a PebblePad based
Portfolio which you must complete and submit by 4.30pm on 12th January

Assessment 1 – Part 1
This section should address the specific skills needed to enter the leisure industry at a supervisory level (within your expected work placement role or first job) and after leaving university You should measure your own personal skills against the needs required by the job (person specs & job descriptions)
Conclusions and recommendations from the report should address the development of these skills.
The work should be in report format, supporting literature is expected, and Harvard referenced with a full use made of appendices. (500 words)

Assessment 1 – Part 2
CV and application letter:
Based on a real job application, you have to present a CV and application letter to your prospective employer with the aim of securing an interview. Your CV should be presented in a manner appropriate to send out to industry (This is a weekly activity developed in class and is not included in any word count)
Your CV and Letter(s) should be included in your portfolio CV
Professional – ready to distribute to companies Tailored to job
Use Careers Service, handout and books to design CV

Application letter
Basic letter formatting!!! Make it look attractive, appealing, professional…
Phrasing: don’t tell a story or be vague – get straight to the point
Find name to address letter/application to
Be as positive as possible about current employer If you don’t have the relevant skills
Demonstrate transferable skills
Demonstrate willingness to learn

Assessment 1 – Part 3
Interview: Students are required to take part in an interview or similar arrangement.
Based on the interview, you should draft a reflective analysis of the interview process.
This reflective analysis should also address any needs for future improvements. Supporting literature should be referenced. (500 words)

Assessment 1 – Part 4
Action plan: Based on the elements of the portfolio
(skills evaluation, CV, letter and interview) and the feedback you have received from your tutor, write a detailed action plan for your immediate future.
Your long-term goal should be securing your ideal employment at the end of your studies. You have to identify short-term and mid-term goals as well as actions and means of achieving these goals.
You should consider how to build on your strengths and address any weaknesses related to the process of securing work.

Action plan
Based on the previous three portfolio tasks, you should have a good idea about what job you are applying for, what you are good at and what you need to improve
Based on what you want to achieve and what you need to improve, include an action plan (see template
& lecture)
(no supporting discussion needed – if your action plan is clear and focussed, no additional info necessary)
Remember – SMART Objectives!

Assessment 1 – Finally….
Supporting evidence: Students will receive extra marks for submitting supporting evidence regarding work placement preparation and placement search.
This can be in form of attendance of career workshops (written confirmation by workshop organiser), copies of applications sent to, or communication with potential employers
(including emails), attendance at careers events, tutorial notes, work placement fairs, etc.

Assessment 1 – REFERENCES!
– research you have used to find out about the job – see previous slide, and books or additional material on employability skills
– I am not expecting a huge range of sources, but I want to see that you have done some research Supporting evidence
You can get some brownie points here
– Any workshops you have attended
– Any interviews you have