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Bryan Fletcher
November 16, 2014
In his book Share Jesus Without Fear, William Fay lays out an easy and attainable way for one to reach people for Christ. A former mobster, and prostitution house owner, Fay says that if “God can take somebody like me and change him, he can take anybody in your life and change him as well.”1 In an easy to understand, comprehensive way, Fay shows how to overcome your fears and witness to those who are lost. By breaking down the six most common excuses one uses not
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REFLECTION If I had one thing to critique with this book, and believe me I had to try hard, it would be that Mr. Fay almost makes it sound too easy. I think in todays society it is harder to witness to people because of the fact that the Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses have pretty much dominated that type of sharing of there beliefs. People immediately think that is whom you represent and a wall goes up automatically because someone doesn’t want to hear that type of false Gospel. I don’t know, but maybe it is the Holy Spirit somehow protecting them from false teachings. I do think that because of this type of thinking by people we need to take a slightly different approach and spend a little bit more time-sharing scripture and the effects that Christ has had on people’s lives. Also, by not trying to force something down someone’s throat goes a long way in him or her allowing you in to share God’s love.
After reading this book, I will say that my confidence is up about sharing my faith. Mr. Fay has equipped us to be able to share with others in a more confident manner. It’s also helped me to believe that I may be able to help others in the call to the Great Commission as well. My Father and Mother-in-law are taking a class at their church called “The Call.” It is an evangelism class and after looking over the materials they are using, I have to admit it seemed a little over whelming. So much so that my Father-in-law sort of gave up on the class after the