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5MHR Assignment Feedback : Question | Assessment Criteria | feedback | 1. Draw up a short mission statement for the HR function in an identified organisation you are familiar with consisting of five clear and distinct statements. Each should reflect your view of current and future priorities. Go on to justify your choice, making reference to major developments in the organisation's business environment. | AC 1.1, 1.2 | Candidates are expected to identify up to three major organisational objectives that the HR function is responsible for delivering, explain how these objectives are evolving in relation to changes in the work environment (local, national, international) and how these changes may impact on HR. | Give a brief …show more content…
This new manager is particularly concerned to ensure that staff turnover rates do not increase as a result of the proposed reorganisation. What key points would you want to make. Justify your answer. | AC 4.1, 4.2 | Candidates will identify up to three major theories of change management and demonstrate understanding of how these are applied in the workplace. Candidates will also describe the role HR can play in introducing and supporting effective change by citing real examples from reading and research. | Change mgmt Models: Lewin, Kotter and Beckard (?). Why? Why people resist change.How to mitigate against resistance:Buy inCommitment & top buy inCommsEngagementDefining the visionReinforcing the psychological contractConsequences of post change (e.g. survivor syndrome)Reading: McLeod, ‘Engaged’.Gd comms essential.Lewin – gd for seasoned/experienced practitioner. Pros & cons.Kotter – process driven. Evaluation at each stage. Complexity coiuld lead to loss of momentum. Final outcome could be lost. Gd Thurley – 5 stage model. I like!!! | 5. Senior managers in an organisation decide that there is a need to enhance its reputation for ethical and professional dealings with all its stakeholders. You are asked to develop some ideas about what this may mean for the manner in which pay rates are determined. At present an informal approach is used where by individuals negotiate a