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Nguyen, Michael
Period 5
Florence Nightingale Florence was the daughter of a rich family in England. Her father was the typical country gentleman who spent his time fishing, shooting, and riding. Her mother’s main concerns were entertaining and taking care of several mansions. But Florence was never content to live the leisurely life of the rich. When she was 17, she had a religious experience which convinced her that she should do something special with her life. She did not know what it would be for most fields were closed to women in her day. Florence became interested in nursing after caring for some ill peasants near the family estate. She discovered that her lack of knowledge was too great, and she determined to learn more of medicine. Her family opposed her because only women of poor reputation entered nursing. Besides, nursing was basically a man’s field. Florence did not want to her family, but she knew what she had to do, with or without their approval. She took her training in France and returned home to do nursing. She became the superintendent of the new English hospital for ill women of the noble class. Here she displayed remarkable ability to organize and command respect from those with whom she worked. Her great work in the Crimean War made her famous. A war correspondent had described the filth and horror of medical care for wounded soldiers. Public response to this article led to Florence being sent to be head of the nurses in the military…