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In my 4 years of attending jr high/highschool, I have always found it much more convenient to read eBooks instead of paper books, to type essays rather than write them by hand, and to not have to carry heavy stacks of textbooks around.Technology makes schoolwork, as well as office work, easier for two main reasons: convenience and cheapness.

We all have done it in our lifetimes. We have forgotten folders, lost documents, and misplaced papers every once in a while. This is why we have an amazing advantage of computers is that they compress large amounts of information into small sizes. Some computer disks and flash drives can store entire volumes of Shakespeare's works within a couple inches. World Book Encyclopedia is now available on the Internet, when before it was available in large books at the library. iPads don't require pencils, papers, books, or any other office supplies. Compressed information results in a lower chance of misplacing something and an easier time trying to find a specific document.

Furthermore, iPads are faster and more productive. The average typing speed of a regular human is around 25 words per minute. Many professional computer users type up to 50 words per minute, and others can type even faster. At such speeds, lessons go by faster and more content can fit into one school semester.

Additionally, iPads fit well within the budget of many schools. Digital copies of textbooks are much easier to access and are much more affordable to purchase