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American Literature – Miller

21 January 2015 Responsibility To The Family “It is easy to dodge our responsibilities, but we cannot dodge the consequences of dodging our responsibilities”(Brainy quote). Family responsibility is not something easily carried but something needs to make a sacrifice, it might be money, time, or dream. In a memory play “The Glass Menagerie” Tennessee Williams depicts a story about a family live in St. Louis abandoned by their father in 1937. The narrator of the play is Tom Wingfield who has strengths of self- sacrifice, romantic and cares about his family. Tom is a person with self-sacrifice. After his father leave the family, Tom becomes the breadwinner, the only man in the family and the hope of the family. He is the youngest person in the family but has heavies stress on his back. He is the one who should go to the business college, but he sacrifices the chance and let his sister Laura to go, because he has to take the responsibility that his father left (Williams 13) .Tom goes to work at the Continental Shoemakers warehouse to support the family, but he doesn’t like his job cause he can’t find any challenge and adventure in his work, so he goes to the movies at night, all kinds of movies. He wants to look for all of his dreams of adventure, which are sacrificed for the family (Williams 23). Even through Tom hates his job and wants to escape from his life, he still concerns about his family and doesn’t want to hurt anyone. He is anxious sometime especially when his mother keeps pushing him when he carries lots of pressure. Once Tom can’t withstand his mother’s over-demanding and says to his mother that she is an ugly witch. But after Laura’s dissuading, Tom eventually goes to speak to his mother and apologizes to her (Williams 30). Another evident shows that he cares about his family is when his mom Amanda talks to Tom about his sister’s problem and wants Tom to find some visitor for Laura. It seems like Tom didn’t really listen his mom’s request, but he actually remembers and asks…