5 steps to a successful teenager Essay

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5 steps to a successful teenager

Are you in constant battle with your what may seem like a monstrous teenager? By reading this blog you could receive your key to sanity and a low blood pressure over the next few vital years of yours and your child’s life.

1. Exam stress and big decisions
Exams! Vast draughty hall, sealed with 200 Einstein’s all calm as virtue all with their heads fixated to there papers is almost certainly the most daunting experience your teenager would have been through. So where can you help? Understanding the huge importance these exams hold. Let me explain, if you aren’t already aware theses exam results decide what college course you do, if you can get into the best sixth form around, or even how many points you can achieve to get into the university of your dreams. If it’s not clear enough, these exams represent the fate for how our lives will turn out. Parents need to understand we know important theses exam are. But having parents nagging doesn’t help. It only makes I harder. Accepting that revising in 2014 is not what it looked like in the 1970s or 80s when you were doing it. Ok, so we might be on Twitter every now and again – but we do need breaks! It a proven fact that when taking regular breaks our memory’s recover and absorb the information you have just revised or studied. I believe that reminding your teen to take breaks is beneficial in many ways, it will remind you child that you care and are aware they’re working hard. As well as making there revision more effective, rather than forcing them to plough on for hours on end

2.Coping with … our own bodies
As your child approaches his or her teens, their bodies start to undergo rapid changes. Parents feel a sense of loss as their child enters puberty, but knowing how to control this problematic era is important. Children will distance themselves and slowly begin to separate from the rest of the family, so don’t get offended! I know at this moment in time you might not feel like it, but … Trust your child. They still love you.

3.Body image
Make your home a safe haven. Teenage girls are constantly receiving hostile messages from society about how they should look. When they are at home, they need to feel protected from the constant judgment regarding their weight, their complexion, their hair and every other aspect of