50 Horse Lessons

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One Christmas morning at the age of 12 I opened my stocking and upon the bottom was an envelope containing a piece of paper that read “$50 dollars’ worth of riding lessons.”
Right away I sprung up from my chair I was sitting in and asked my mom when I could ride a horse. She said that I would have to wait until spring arrived.
The reason I asked my mom instead of dad is because he would never let me ride a horse if, it was his decision. I, only knowing one person in my close family that has a horse (within
5 miles from my house), I along with my mom went down to his farm and see his horse. Joe is the horse’s name and he is owned by my Uncle, Johnny from my mom’s side.
Joe is a brown Quarter Horse and at this time, he around the age of 22 years.
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Going home I was very sad that I could not ride a horse.
The next day was my sister’s track meet and then the AKC dog show and after a long trip home. So again the wait went on.
One year later at harvest time my mom contacted a horse breeder/ trainer that is willing to teach me how to ride. So a week or two later we went to his farm and right away we were greeted by his three border collie’s in which names I could not recall. Then he took me and my mom into the huge barn where he had a horse waiting. He said the horse’s name was Lady and that this was the horse I was going to ride today.
He quickly saddled Lady and then had me lead Lady into a huge arena. It was my first time leading a horse besides Joe and it felt weird having a young horse on the other end of the rope.
He showed me some safety instructions on horses then told me how to get on a horse. This was all new to me so it was a little confusing and sometime frustrating.
When I finally got on he said to loosen the reins and lean forward and as I did the horse started to move. I was scared for a second but, then I got used to it and keep walking Lady around the ring. Then he said to stop, just pull the