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ManHon Yeung 502982

LinkedIn joins ‘sponsored update’ trend

An article in BRW on 24 July 2013 called LinkedIn joins ‘sponsored update’ tend. The article shows how the LinkedIn uses the marketing concepts of advertising and targeting in the sponsored update system.

The article includes the concept of advertising. Advertising concept is a promotion that the producers used to promote their products or services. There are different types of advertising that producers can be use, for example television, radio, magazine, internet and newspapers, etc. In the example of LinkedIn joins ‘sponsored update’ tend, LinkedIn Company used the internet advertising, such as, Facebook and Twitter for their sponsored update system. ‘LinkedIn sponsored updates provide a marketing solution for rapidly increasing awareness and shaping the perception of your brand, products and services’ (Hahn 2013). The sponsored updates are also ‘build relationships with the world’s professionals’ (Hahn 2013).

The article also includes the concept of targeting a market segment. Targeting is the practice of creating differences in the marketing mix to cater for these different segments, or choosing not to serve some segments (Week 4 lecture notes 2013). In the example, LinkedIn Company’s target market is for companies, different customers or marketer from different countries. The sponsored updates allow companies to promote their posts to LinkedIn members beyond their own fan base, with tools to target the audience by profile segment. The sponsored update is available to customers with account representatives and all businesses will begin to become a LinkedIn company this month. There are two models that will be available, one