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Dr. Kexxvin xxx
Feburary 22, 2015

Product identification

The product I have selected is branded Cigarette lighter. Zippo, Dunhill, and other diversified cigarette lighters. The target market is to mainland Chinese consumers. According to Tobaccofreekids.org in China, there is 28% of adults in China smoke. China is the world’s largest producer and consumer of tobacco. More than 2.4 trillion cigarettes sold in 2011 (“China - TobaccoFreeKids.org International Edition,” n.d.). This fact can prove there is demand in China.

According to statista.com, China is the world’s largest social network market. Due to the Chinese government’s internet censorship, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube these leading international social media companies are blocked. However, there are China’s social media, like Qzone, WeChat. Qzone’s active user is a combination of Facebook and Tumblr (“Social Networks in China - Statistics & Facts | Statista,” n.d.). This fact can prove there is mature social media environment.

WeChat is like Twitter; however, there is more functions. This social media giant WeChat established in-app stores to sell goods to their friends and followers. There is about 618 million Internet users. WeChat stores have it own payment system, and it has roughly 355 million active users, they can place an order with just a few taps on their smartphones (“Tencent’s WeChat Offers In-App Mini Shopping Malls,” n.d.).


· Product research - find the most popular cigarette lighter.

· Pricing - research the similar product in different website

· Competitive analysis - pricing the product

· Advertising design - brainstorm the advertising content, find the keywords

· Advertising artwork – outsource this artwork

· Build up WeChat’s follower

· Deploy the advertisement

Close the loop

Three potential risks

1. The target market (the followers) is too small in the begining, because it is based on the personal account.

2. The promotion at the wrong time. Users can see different advertising in their WeChat every day. But not each post is useful. Because there is too much spam, and our advertisement can be overwhelmed.

3. The access or the ability to find the accurate lighter’s trend. The product and the marketing are limited either by the channel or the