Entertainment Since 1945 Essay

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ENT 201

Entertainment Since 1945

Assessment Description: Students are required to submit a report based on their first assignment, their in-class presentation and feedback from their peers. The report should focus on the topic: “The roles of culture and technology in the future of entertainment”. This should address any issues raised during the in-class discussion including opinions, arguments, insights or points of view raised by the class. It should present a synopsis of the student’s own work and that of other students with respect to each of the eras and technologies discussed in this course. It should conclude by outlining a vision of the future of the entertainment industry and showing how technology and current
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As a result of this, a new streaming service was recently launched in the United States, and its expectations to change people’s music consumption habits are high. “Beats Music”, created by Dr. Dre along with industry veterans, is a new option that offers a monthly $10 individual plan or a $15 family plan (up to 5 different accounts). Ryan (2014) states that Beats Music expects to make up the difference through a mix of star power, corporate partnerships, and expanded demographics. Are streaming services really the future of music? Although the alternative mentioned previously adjusts more to my views, I believe that industry veterans should open more spaces for young and music-passionate minds to work together and produce new ideas. King (2012) expresses that it is a scary position when paying artists for their music has become a voluntary kind of kindness, rather than a consumer responsibility. Indeed, music consumers around the world need to understand that there is a high-priced process behind the songs and albums that they download or acquire for free.
Nowadays, there is the stereotype that all artists are extremely wealthy, so… why should I spend my money on his/her/their music if MTV Cribs has shown me their luxurious lifestyle? This question needs to be changed in people’s minds by analyzing markets, economics and consumer behavior, addressing