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5.2 - Conduct a detailed evaluation of one of your health and safety policies at work.

The health and safety policy which I will be evaluating is the accident and injury reporting.
The policy is divided into 5 sections and these sections are; Introduction, Reporting of incidents, deaths, dangerous occurrences and reportable diseases, Monitoring of accidents & injuries, Disciplinary procedures and Review of policy.
When reading though the policy it reads well and the first section (introduction) lays out what the procedure is for and what regulations it is connected to and what we need to do as a care provider.
The second section (Reporting of incidents, deaths, dangerous occurrences and reportable diseases) is split into 3 segments and these are; Recording of accidents and injuries, Serious accidents and injuries and Riddor. All segments line out what to do in each situation. It is written clearing, does not use a lot of long complicated words and manageable to read. However you are still aware of what regulations is required and other policies you would need to be aware of.
The third section clearly states who you would need to be reporting to regarding each situation and who else they would be sent onto.
The four sections, explains what would happen if the situation is regarding to misconduct or negligence by staff and what other policy it would be connected to.
The fifth section outlines how often the policy is reviewed.
The whole policy is written well and manageable