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Fullerton College Humanities Division Reading Department Fall 2014

Read 56 Phone: 714-992-7358
Mrs. Shier E-mail:
Office: 524-04 FAX: 714-992-9930
Office Hours: CRN: 11904/ (M/W 7:35-10:05 a.m./ room 1411 B) 11905 (T/Th 10:55-1:25 p.m./ room 1411A)

Course Description:

READ 056 F Developmental Reading 3 Units
Pass/No Pass only. Prerequisite: READ 036 F with a grade of “Pass” or recommended score on the reading placement test.

54 hours lecture per term. Recommended for students whose reading placement test scores indicate a substantial need for reading improvement. This course introduces students to several skills in reading such as main idea, relevance of detail, vocabulary in context, and inference building to enable greater success in college courses.

Humanities Division Student Learning Outcomes:

Students completing courses or programs in the Humanities Division will be able to:
· Use language skills effectively in reading, writing, listening, or speaking to achieve personal, academic, or vocational goals.
· Use critical thinking skills to examine information, events, and ideas from a broader perspective.
· Recognize the significance of language and culture in human experience.
· Apply principles of academic honesty and integrity.
· Work cooperatively and collaboratively with others.
· Use campus and/or community resources to participate actively in their own education.

Read 56 Student Learning Outcomes: Upon completion of Read 56 F Developmental Reading, the student will be able to: apply various strategies for developing vocabulary. interpret developmental texts to find the topic, main idea, major and minor supporting details. outline the relationship among the ideas of multiple paragraphs.

Course Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this, the student will have improved in the following areas:
Comprehension skills: Locate stated main ideas within a passage. Formulate main idea statements from details. Distinguish details from generalizations. Recognize the relevance of transitional elements in paragraph comprehension. Follow written directions. Determine appropriate inferences and draw conclusions. Identify author’s purpose. Appreciate the value of reading for recreation.
Vocabulary knowledge and usage: Recognize and apply context clues. Distinguish between denotative and connotative meaning. Analyze structural components. Demonstrate basic knowledge of dictionary use. Required Materials:

Reading and All That Jazz (new fall 2012 custom 5th edition) with Connect, Mather & McCarthy
Improving Vocabulary Skills, 4th ed, Nist & Mohr (new/clean)
Print account of $2.00 purchased at FC Bookstore
Scantron (882E) and quizzstrip (815) forms (begin with at least 1 package each)
Three ringed notebook with dividers
Assignment planner (suggested)
Highlighters; red/blue inked pens
Index cards (3 by 5)
Sticky note pad/s

Recommended: College level dictionary and Thesaurus

Textbooks and other materials are required for this class. . If after the first week of the semester, students who do not have their textbooks will be asked to leave the class with an absence recorded. Not having the required materials for the class is considered behavior that is disruptive to the learning environment. Students are required to have their own new or “clean” used books as well write in them. Students cannot share books. In order to become active and successful readers, students must interact with the reading by annotating and highlighting/underlining.

In addition, it is the student’s responsibility to have the needed materials for any tests or other assignments. It is not the responsibility of a fellow classmate