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Final Exam Access dates: | 4/20/2013 12:00:00 AM to 4/25/2013 11:59:00 PM | Can be reviewed in Gradebook on: | 5/1/2013 11:59:00 PM | Number of times this exam can be taken: | 1 | Time allowed to complete: | 3h, 30min | | | Here is some information about your Final Exam: * The exam covers the entire Managing Organization Change book, multiple articles throughout the term which were referenced in all lectures, all lectures, the Cracking the Code of Change article specifically (Beer and Nohria, Harvard Business Review). Although the exam is comprehensive, the essay questions will lean heavily over the latter few weeks of class. The multiple-choice questions will be over all TCOs. * All TCOs are covered. * There will …show more content…
Evaluate ONE of your two companies’ change interventions through the lens of Kotter’s Eight Step Model. State first the steps. (10 points) Assess how well the company realized each of the steps and what areas were less than successful in their implementation. Speak to those failed steps and what the implications were for the success or failure of the implementation. (10 points) Do you feel that Kotter’s model did assist (if it was used) or would have assisted (if you feel it wasn’t used) in this change? Why or why not? (15 points) (Points : 35) | 3. (TCOs E,H) Your project this term asked you to compare and contrast two companies’ change projects or programs for change. This question will review what you learned about the change projects in a continuation of your project. It will ask you to apply course information to your project companies. For your answer, be sure to reference the names of the companies you studied in your project this term to help your instructor determine the score of your response.

You will assess the “sustainability” of the changes which occurred in the companies you studied. Select ONE of the company change programs for your answer to this question and state it here. Assess the change project. Was it successful or unsuccessful in your opinion? What will it take (what are some steps the company can, should, or DID take) to make it SUSTAINABLE?