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Welcome Aboard!
Congratulations on joining the U-Haul Team!

Aydn Balci July 27, 2015 Team Member: Start Date

Important Training Information

Center Sales-40 Agents--Remote Training
Must be available 25-28 hrs & 10 hrs required on 1 weekend day
Select 1 time slot each week (All times are in AZ time) Online Orientation
July 21
These are AZ times, please make sure to convert the training times to your time zone
4 pm-5:30 pm

Monday - Friday

July 27-31

5 pm-10 pm
(Fri 4 pm-10 pm)

Monday - Friday


(Fri. until 10pm)

Monday - Friday

Aug. 10-14

5 pm-10 pm

Based on availability
Week of
Aug. 17-23

Based on availability

Important Contact Information

Trainers: Jim O’Neal jim_oneal@uhaul.com
Altus Curtis altus_curtis@uhaul.com
Jerome Asuncion jerome_asuncion@uhaul.com
Gary Bullock gary_bullock@uhaul.com
Robyn Aragon robyn_aragon@uhaul.com
Demond Lewis demond_lewis@uhaul.com Ruben Cervantez ruben_cervantez@uhaul.com Desiree Lovato desiree_lovato@uhaul.com Senior Manager, Training: Tamishia Newell tamishia_newell@uhaul.com

Training Department: 1-888-553-3439 (Voicemail activated)

Contact Center front desk: 602-263-6681 (training ext. 500500)

Staffing Manager, Laurie Morgan, ext. 500160

Human Resources Recruiter, Tony Smith, ext. 514117

Pay Level and Employment Status

You have been hired as:

Center Sales and Reservations  Go U Haul □ Roadside Assistance □ Customer Service □

Seasonal □  Part Time  Flex  Your base (hourly) pay will be $8.25 (Pay/Hire status is subject to verification of employment)

If you have questions, please contact a Department Trainer or Laurie Morgan.

Training Outline

Orientation- New team members will meet with a department trainer for a one-two hour webinar session online. A link to join this webinar session will be sent to the personal email address15 minutes prior to the start time. During this webinar session information and direction will be given regarding the necessary software downloads needed for remote training.

Week One- Week one training is a mixture of “at your own pace” online classes and scheduled group webinars. Online classes are taken via U-Haul University; U-Haul University is accessible to students 24/7. New team members will meet the department trainers 3 times during the week for a group webinar to review and learn new information. Links to the webinar sessions are sent 15 minutes prior to start time. All online classes must be completed and passed; all webinars must be attended in order for a new team member to proceed with the next week in training. A Final Exam is administered at the end of this week and must be passed with a score of 80% or better in order for new team members to move forward in training and employment.

Week Two- For week two (Personal Training) new team members meet in groups of four with an experienced member of the work group who will act as their “Personal Trainer”. During this week new team members will have a chance take a hands on approach to their training and apply the information they learned during week one. New team members will have a chance to practice with the phone system, the reservation application and eventually speak to live customers. A Final Exam is administered at the end of this week and must be passed with a score of 80% or better in order for new team members to move forward in assisting customers.

Week Three- During week three new team members will be monitored by the Quality Assurance Team as well as their Team Manager while taking live customer calls. All monitoring done this week is done in an effort to