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5TH Self-Evaluation
Anthony sheets
Period 2 During the span since the last self-evaluation I believe I have earned an A. over the past few self-evaluations I can tell you that I have been improving day in and day out. During the presentations I listen to the other groups and learn from their mistakes but then I forget other mistakes and make a new mistake on my presentation. I try to communicate with my group but sometimes they just don’t communicate back and I feel that have to do all the work and when we go up to present it shows by me showing that I understand the question very well and the others don’t. I also have been following the phone protocol and have not been using it in class unlike the last self-evaluation I was using my cell phone but I have better self-control over it now and I don’t use it till after class.
I can say that I have improved since the last evaluation. I try to get a better understanding now of things even when I know the answer I would like to find possible answers like to Enoch and the Gorilla I have read the story about 10m times and I feel like I now have a good understanding on the story and what’s happens in it so it makes the worksheet a lot easier since I have a full understanding of the story. But if someone in the class was going to ask me to help them with the worksheet it would be nearly impossible to help them if they didn’t read the story. And as the class goes on I can tell that my study habits are getting a lot better