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The 6 Branches of Philosophy
By Joy Jenkins
American InterContinental University February 13, 2015

Abstract Philosophy plays a big role when it comes to human knowledge, what someone might believe or see. There are six branches in Philosophy that this essay will reflect on, and how each branch may have played and part in my life. It will also describe the circumstances I went through, and how I made it through.
Keywords: Philosophy, Branches, Life, Conclusion

Philosophy comes from the Greek word philosophia which means “love of wisdom” (Evolutionary Philosophy). We us philosophy in are everyday life, from what we know, to what we believe is true. Philosophy has six branches these branches ask the simples questions; for an example “What do I know? There are many times I ask myself these same questions.
The first branch is called metaphysics which tried to understand the fate of the world in whole. Metaphysics
Metaphysics asks questions like what is real, for me sometimes I have to ask the same question about different things; for example if I am watching the news and something unbelievable happens I always question it. Metaphysics also asks the question does the physical world seem more real than the spiritual world. For me I believe in the word (bible) which states that spiritual is more real than physical despite what some may believe. This is one of the questions I had ask myself, because when I thought of spiritual I always pictured ghost.; until I learned what it means in philosophy.I believe soul defines something, referring to human life or death. When it comes to the question if the soul could live outside the body, I was say it all depends on who you ask. For me once again do to my own believes I would have to say no, the soul does not survive outside the physical body. Epistemology
Epistemology would be the next branch; which is the study of knowledge. Something is known by the way you are taught, the type of environment you are around, really you can gain knowledge from anyone. The basis of knowledge for me is what we believe and what we believe in. Believe it or not all knowledge isn’t subjective in my opinion; there was a time when I believe knowledge was what you wanted it to be, until one day it was proven to me that knowledge can mean a lot of things. I do believe there is some universal truth because it involves people, place and things. When it comes to fate it seems more like a religious belief something happening or will help good or bad depending on the cause, reasoning is basically the same thing; they both have the knowledge to know what is right or wrong. Artificial intelligence has a way of explaining something to help gain intelligence and if you have intelligence you also gain knowledge. We as human only use a certain amount of are brain so this means we only use so much knowledge that is brought in, I also believe that we only understand what is interesting to us or what we need or what to understand. Ethics
Next we have ethics which basically means right from wrong. When we were babies we learn right for wrong, it still means the same thing just with different issues; and worst consequences. For an example one day my family and I were out shopping and I felt that the cashier was very rude, my husband replies to me saying how do you know she didn’t feel the same way about you? After reflecting on the situation; seen the part I played. Being a “good person” in my opinion is treating people like you would like to be treated. If you wouldn’t want someone to do a certain thing or act a certain way towards you, do not do it to them. I do believe that the ends do justify the means but I also believe that it virtuous actions do play and part. Morality is the ethics of what is right or wrong, so it affects the society in a good way. I also believe that morality is based on and individual instead as a world