6. What Does It Mean That Communication Is A Transactional Process?

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Chapter 1: Pg. 28 Test Your Knowledge Questions 1-6

1. What does it mean that communication is a transactional process?

Communication requires a sender, a message and a recipient. And, the recipient must understand the message. If a message is not received and understood, then communication has not occurred.

Feedback is critical to ongoing communication. Each party must know that the other has both received and understood the previous message(s) for communication to continue. Without feedback, the communication process deteriorates and falls apart.

2. How does culture impact the communication process?

Our different cultures often cause us to simply not discus certain issues. For instance a conservative Christian especially of the old school would have a great deal of trouble discussing sexuality and would find it virtually impossible to discus homosexuality. Certain Moslem cultures bar women from speaking to men altogether other then their husbands to name but a couple of examples.Many cultures accept certain norms and expect conformity to these norms, to discuss or question these norms would put a person in a possibly bad position,

3. What are the four primary models of human communication? oHHhow are they alike? How do they differ?

Linear, Interactive, Transactional models, they are all different in which how we communicate with certain people in a group or an individual

4. What is the difference between privacy and secrecy?

Privacy is when one is better off having their own personal space in which they can do their own things without anybody interfering or bothering them. Its ones own personal comfort either by being by yourself or your close family, it can be regarded as privacy only to those close to you. In the other case secrecy is more of a term used that one is hiding something behind closed doors that one doesn’t one anybody to