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Cocoa delight is one of the youngest chocolate manufacturers in the industry established in 2000. We value creativity and innovation of our youth. Team of master of chocolatiers has been picked from prestigious schools of confectionary. We process more than ten types of best Cocoa from different countries and produce large range of dark chocolates tailored to specific dietary requirements.

Our vision is world Class Company within Australia producing large range of quality chocolate to satisfy under met need in the national market.

Goals/ mission

Encourage continuous improvement.
Quality leader in chocolate industry of Australia.
Trade fairly with local and international suppliers.
Sustainable behaviour.
Reduction in ecological foot prints

Daring and unconventional
Creativity and innovation have always been our strength and cornerstone of success.
For stakeholder we are stewardship and adhering to professional and moral standards of conduct in all that we do.
For employee we encourage self-directed teams.


Fair trade practices at national and international level.
Sustainability and high quality.
Combination of innovation creativity and artisan expertise.
Customer oriented management.
Expansion and growth.

Strategic targets / directions

To increase market share and become market leader in 3 years.
To increase brand reorganization by marketing.
To create awareness of health benefits of dark chocolate.
Provide chocolate of European quality.
Double digit growth rate for each year.

Situation analysis

Situation analysis of cocoa delight consist of two parts i. SWOT Analysis ii. PEST Analysis. 1. SWOT Analysis strength Innovative and creative
Customer oriented management
European quality chocolate
Range of dark chocolate
Health benefits of dark chocolate
Meets specific dietary requirement
Easy customer access.
Lower price.

Lack of brand awareness.
Customers are not aware of health benefits.
Lack of online presence.
Less male and child customer base.
Regional and country side areas Are not covered.
Lower market budget.
Less outlets as compared to competitors.


Unmet market demand of specific dietary requirements.
Use of social media like Face book will increase customer base.
Develop more loyal customers and referral.
Promote Australian based fact.
Increase market budget.
International brands with huge market budget.
Narrow advertising campaign.
Brands wither wider reorganization like Green & black.
Market down.

The government is currently passing legislation that requires business to monitor and reduce their waste and energy use-insignificant penalties are planned for business that don’t comply with the new directives

DISPOSABLE income has reduced due to rising INTEREST RATES this shortfall expected to be recovered in the long term, with wages including expected to outstrip inflation rates by2%.The unemployment levels are also increasing and expected to climb steadily to 6% in the coming year.

COCOA DELIGHT will try to capitalize on the social trends of consumers being more conscious, by promoting health benefits of Dark chocolates and offer largest range of different varieties of dark chocolate.

Technology development with the broadband roll out across Australia has been delayed, although the rollout is continuing and will be completed in the next three years. Internet retailing options are expanding and most retailers are taking advantage of this new technology.


Government focuses mostly on the environmental issues of waste management and energy conservation. According to new law, they have to find new ways to provide customers with what they want, without the high electricity usage.
Government is looking at is having the country of manufacture clearly states