638: A Short Story

Words: 1483
Pages: 6

The house creaked again as 638 sighed in frustration and anger. Until there was a loud thump from above them, followed by a scream of extreme pain.
638 launched into action then, yelling, “They’re here! They’re here, find—” A sword shoved through her chest, held by a hand whose arm came from the kitchen. 208 jumped as the sloshing noise that came from the sword being pulled out and 638 screamed. She gasped and panted before dropping to her knees and looking down at her chest. The sword came through again and cut her head clean off. It rolled to the feet of the first Grace while 638’s body collapsed on her side.
A body stepped out from the kitchen, the dark silhouette looked rather familiar. As tall as she was, hair pulled back and hanging
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Her Original backed up quickly as she drew another sword from behind her shoulder blade, shouting a name 208 had never heard before.
A big man with big arms and blades in both his hands jumped from the room between the front door and the kitchen. Her brothers and sisters continued to rush forward though, an unhindered wave that charged around her to her Original and some that stopped to battle with this Jensen guy.
519 held onto her arm, trying his hardest to not let go. But she was still pulled from his hands toward her Original, “208!” he shouted as other Graces and Michael’s charged forward after her.
Her Original fought with such velocity and style that 208 was astonished. Her Original ducked and rushed, stabbed and swiped like she was born to do it. A daughter of the Greek Gods Ares and Athena, locked into a personal blood bath with the brute force of one and the battle cunning of the other. It could have hardly been considered a battle, it seemed more like flashy butchery.
208 stood in the kitchen, her metallic hands gripping the counter as she watched her Original throw her brothers and sisters as though they were