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65 vocabulary terms-practice
1. Objective-goal
2. Acrimonious- caustic, bitter, stinging.
3. Disdain-scorn
4. Eccentric- not in the center
5. Indifferent- not different; average; routine; neither good nor bad in character or quality; without interest or concern.
6. Ambiguous- unclear.
7. Discriminate- to observe the difference
8. Resignation-formal document
9. Futile-ineffectiveness; not successful; useless
10. Candid- truthful and straightforward
11. Discern- to see, recognize, or apprehend.
12. Abstract- concrete existence
13. Temper- to moderate or mitigate; state of mind of being angry.
14. Denounce- to announce evil work.
15. Revere- to tinge with awe
16. Synecdoche-consists of a part in the whole or a whole in the part.
17. Metonymy-consists of named one object or concept.
18. Simile-comparing unlike things.
19. Metaphor-consists of a term or phrase that is not applicable to something in order to suggest a resemblance.
20. Apostrophe- form of digression to someone that is not present.
21. Redundant- unnecessary repetition of ideas.
22. Rhetoric- the art of effectiveness in speaking or writing.
23. Unctuous- smug, suave, or smooth. 2. Oily and greasy
24. Strumpet- harlot
25. Sycophant- flatterer; fawning.
26. Hackneyed-trite, banal.
27. Trite- lack of freshness; hackneyed; banal.
28. Jejune- childish, immature, juvenile. Without interest. Dull and insipid.
29. Hubris-arrogant.
30. Mawkish- weakly emotional; slightly nauseating.
31. Itinerant- a person who travels from place to place.
32. Hamartia- tragic flaw.
33. Didactic- a teacher who is instructive.
34. Solipsist- person who beliefs in one existence.
35. Jaded- dull; overuse; boring.
36. Ameliorate- improve
37. Superficial- occurring at the surface.
38. Fastidious- hard to please.
39. Ephemeral- short-lived.
40. Hyperbole- exaggeration
41. Onomatopoeia- imitative words.
42. Egregious- extraordinary in a bad way; flagrant
43. Archetype-first form; model
44. Allusion- an indirect