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Assessment Record

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III. Self reflective account Questioning

IV. Feedback Documents Seen By Assessor

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Candidate Name: Sara Carter

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Leadership how this varies from management, is that a leader can be put into 3 catorgies, having authority , being demorcatic and laissez-faire, by having authority you are quickly dealing with all objectives straight away whether this be staff issues or policy makig decisions , this style of leadership and management is only to keepcontrol , I have worked under this style of management and I feel that this does not always work as staff feel overlooked, ignored and by this happening this caused conflict within the team and left staff feeling worthless and having no respect for the manager . The working environment then becomes to suffer and staff have the attitude of why should we come to work to be made to feel worthless and not appreciated . Democartic this is where the manager deligates job roles to varius staff members to help achieve the best outcomes across the board, by doing this it gives staff a purpose and for them to achive goals within their job role and it values the staff. Laissez-faire this where the manager sees themselves as one of the group , this does have it advantages by allowing staff to be more creative and spontaneous , also I have worked under this style of management and therfore felt that there was not enough direction within the team and the manager was quite happy for others to do their job role and to let standards slide and not deal with any conflict that was happening within the care team.

The conflicts between management and leadership, is that managers are there to manage the organisation , delegate, be controlling have inputs and to make sure the staff do what they are told, define competence requirements and the title Manager gives you the authority to act within the company procedures and policies. Leadership is finding ways to encourage creativity and for staff to use their own intitative, the leadership does share authority but mat be more flexible whne it comes to discipline. Mangement is about doing things right , setting the rules , seeing that the rules are followed , having control. Leadership is doing the right things , developing trust and taking risks , to ensure that staff meet their full potential and know what is thebest way forward. I myself have worked in environments where both management and leadership have being effective , I believe as a maager that I would be