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Instructions and Rubric for
Elementary School Individual Counseling Case Conceptualization and Treatment Plan
Individual counseling is a responsive service that involves one-to-one counseling with a student. Please use the case noted below to conceptualize the case and answer the questions on the rubric. Please use the rubric as your template for the assignment. That is, save a copy of the rubric as “Elementary School Treatment Plan”. Then, simply type your responses within the rubric template row and under each bulleted item. References will be included at the end of the document on a separate page in APA style. There is no required page length; just be sure to cover the rubric components completely and succinctly.
The only information
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I think it is very important to build a relationship with Geoffrey to ensure that he is in no harm at home. The parents would more than likely cover up the situation and state all is fine at home. Most parents will not disclose personal matters, no matter how much it affects their children.

If an opt-out form was signed then I would be legally required to call and ask for permission to speak with their child. I would keep the information minimal. If the parent were to state no, then at that point I would have to contact the administrator for further actions.

• Will you need or want to contact the parent or obtain parental permission for counseling services after meeting with Geoffrey? Why or why not?

I intend to meet with Geoffrey for more counseling sessions, so in order to keep the rapport with his parents and with him, I will obtain parental permission as it is a good thing to do for best practice. Depending on what is revealed in the conversation I may have to refer him out to additional services. What is reveled may be outside my scope of practice.

• How does scope of practice impact the school counseling services you will provide to Geoffrey? In other words, what counseling services might you provide to Geoffrey that are within the scope of school counseling practices and what services might you consider outside the scope of school counseling that you believe would be beneficial to Geoffrey?

I would definitely implement a