7.4 Immigration Laws Essay

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Immigration Laws

The American Dream is something that many people have always wanted to be apart of. There is a way to go about that, many people however go about achieving the dream illegally. The United States of America seems to be a country with a continual illegal immigration crisis and most will agree that something must be done. President Barack Obama was voted president twice and supported the Dream Act. There are immigrants who played by the rules and were issued visas. Now our lovely officials want to give to allow citizenship to the 11 million illegal immigrants. What many people don’t know is that once they get a green card they can also apply for their family to get one so now 11 million quickly turns into 30 million. One of the main reasons why there is a path to citizenship is that it is essential is that we know who the people living here that could potentially do us harm. Why should we encourage illegal immigration by making it easier for them then it is for the people that go about it the right way? The plan will justify people who break the law. There are visa applicants who jumped through all the hoops and waited patiently in their home countries before they can come to the U.S. legally. If a plan is to provide the same prize for those who broke the law, then why even have the laws in place? This sends a message across hundreds of millions of people around the globe aspiring to live on U.S. soil that even people who broke the law still get their green