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7 Billion The video 7 Billion is a documentary about the world’s rapidly growing population. Its contents contain a timeline that deals with the world’s population as well as statistics that describe increases in life expectancy, poverty, inequality, and decreases in fertility rate. The video illustrates that in 1800 the population was at 1 billion and by 1930 it reached 2 billion. Then from 1930 the population reached 7 billion in 2011. It took less than a century to add another 5 billion to the total population. Not only is the population increasing rapidly, but thanks to the new technology and medicine the life expectancy has skyrocketed. In 1960 the average life expectancy was 53 and by 2010 it was a staggering 69. An immediate concern is that the world may soon be “overcrowded.” That statement is false, in fact the problem is not space at all, the problem is human consumption. It is estimated that 5 percent of humans use 23 percent of the energy being used. Thirteen percent of humans can’t obtain clean drinking water, and 38 percent of humans lack “adequate sanitation.” The trailer’s timing was spot on with all the talk lately with global issues and conservation of the environment. The video’s kairos really seemed to push the population issue forward in gaining a larger respect for its awareness. The intended audience is clearly geared toward the younger generation, in hope that they will choose a better future and ideally rekindle the consumption statistics in a more conservative way. The videos intended audience also consists of environmentalists. Although they may know the history behind the issue many had thought that space for the growing population was a problem but the video clearly put that