7 Deadly Sins: Essay

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1. There are many different sins not listed here. However, many of these great sins, like murder, adultery, stealing, etc., have root causes, like Pride. Pride was the devil's great sin, as he wanted to be like God, and rebelled. There are 7 basic kinds of sin that lead to all others, known as the Seven Deadly sins. It takes heroic virtue in most cases to overcome these. Most of us are afflicted greatly with at least one or two of these. And once you give in to one of these sins, the spirits of the other 6 will be only too glad to come into your soul also. All of these sins will lead you directly to hell.

- Lust - ("Lust is disordered desire for or inordinate enjoyment of sexual pleasure.")
To be fair, there is one
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If the other person is perceived to be similar to the envier, the aroused envy will be particularly intense, because it signals to the envier that it just as well could have been he or she who had the desired object.

- Anger - "A mild answer calms wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger."
Some say we can't control our emotions, but we "choose" our emotions from our "emotional toolbox." If anger is in our heart already, events will bring it out. If we have let God give us peace, our reaction to events will reflect this: we may respond to offenses or accidents with humor, kindness and patience, because that is what is in our heart.

- Pride - "The Devil, the proud spirit, cannot endure to be mocked."
Pride and vanity refuse the truth about who we are and substitute illusions for reality. While vanity is mostly concerned with appearance, pride is based in a real desire to be God, at least in one's own circle.

-Sloth- "If a man is lazy, the rafters sag; if his hands are idle, the house leaks."
Most people think of sloth as laziness, not doing much of anything, but just sitting around doing nothing. Many people stay busy most of the time but don't do the things they should, putting them off for later. They may be staying busy so they have an excuse. Sloth is a kind of spiritual laziness. It means not making it a priority to do what we should, or change what we should in ourselves. Some people might call it apathy, which means a lack of feeling.

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