Essay about 7. How Have Australian Governments Responded to the Indigenous Population in Either the Nineteenth or the Twentieth Century?And4. How Has War Shaped Australia in the Twentieth Century?

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4. How has war shaped Australia in the twentieth century?
Australia has been shaped through war since soldiers set to the First World War right up until the now with the war in Afghanistan. Aspects that made it controversial ideas from being a colony of Britain and the politics that came with it, development of treaties with other countries, social groups, and family honour.
Being that Australia was apart of the British monarchy Australia sent many thousands of troops to fight for Britain during the First World War between 1914 and 1918. Thousands lost their lives at Gallipoli, on the Turkish coast and many more in France. Both Australian victories and losses on World War I battlefields contribute significantly to Australia's national
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They had to put on a uniform and spend some of their weekends learning how to be soldiers”. [9] This meant that even though it had not been set yet Australia was still getting ready for the First World War. When WWII came around the sons and grandsons of the men that served in WWI saw it as an obligation to join the service even if they were too young they would up their age to join and serve with either their brother or other family member or because their mates joined.
To conclude it can be seen that even though Australia started out as being apart of the British Empire. Having to pay its debt to England because of creating a new country for its people to live, Australia payed its debt by sending its troops in to the first and second world wars to back England up but by time it came around to the beginning of the cold war and Vietnam as well as the creation of treaties and the creation of SEATO it began to become its own country by not following and having to listen to the English rule over it as it did in the past

7. How have Australian governments responded to the indigenous population in either the nineteenth or the twentieth century?
The Australian governments have