7 Properties Of Life

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Below you will see the lesson objectives highlighted in yellow. For some of these objectives you will see textbook page numbers to help you get started with your review (but please note that should also utilize your notes, lessons, etc. to help you with these).

1: List features that distinguish living organisms from nonliving matter
7 Properties of Life


See bottom of pages 4-5

1: Describe the levels of organization in the living world
Put these in order from the smallest to the largest level of organization in the living world:







__Organ Systems





See page 5

1: Define the concept of homeostasis.
What does “homeostasis” mean:
Explain how homeostasis is dependent on negative feedback (and provide an example of this):

See pages 7 & 8

1: Describe the components and processes important in studying ecosystems.
Look at the figure on page 6 of your textbook. Explain what happens to each of these in an ecosystem:
Nutrients –

Energy –

What are producers and what role do producers play in an ecosystem?

1: Define the term taxonomy and describe the various methods used to classify organisms.
Define taxonomy:

1: List the defining characteristics of organisms classified under each Domain.
Compare Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic cells
Prokaryotic Cells

Eukaryotic Cells

Examples of organisms with these cells:
See page 9



Examples of organisms found in this domain:

See page 11

1: Explain why evolution is a key theme in