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Matthew Lavers
Q. ‘Use your own knowledge to assess how far the sources support the interpretation that Nazi policy was successful in transforming the German Youth.’ (70 marks)
A. Sources B, C and D all support the interpretation that Nazi policies were successful in transforming German Youth. However, sources A and E contradict the statement and give strong evidence to suggest that Nazi policies weren’t successful in transforming the German Youth.
Firstly, source A challenges the interpretation as it gives the idea that the Nazis have led the German Youths becoming out of control, ‘they are like dogs’ leading to ‘the organisation needs more discipline.’ As this report was completed in 1939 we know that German Youth groups were becoming more military based in their activities as war was imminent. This meant that this was typical of the time as many youths were rebelling against the new styles of these Nazi Youth groups. However, the source is from a local party branch which means the source is limited as it is in a small secluded town of Germany. In saying this, the source is a report meaning there is only truthful intent from the editor which in this case was a Nazi. The source is contradicted by the fact during this year there was many Nazi Youth rallies in towns and cities and its population was rising rapidly and was at its largest since they were introduced.
Source A is supported in its interpretation of the statement by source E as it is similar in its reaction to the Hitler Youth. The source mirrors source A in stating ‘the Hitler Youth is out of control’. The source was completed in 1941 where Germany was deep into the conflicts of World War two. This links to source A in military based activities with in the Hitler Youth however, at this point when the boys were 16, even if they weren’t one-hundred percent trained, they were conscripted into the army. Again the source is a report, but during war time a Gestapo agent was known to be very biased and opinionated towards anything which seemed to be negative towards the war effort.
Source B supports the interpretation as it shows how the SPD were lingered with question and in fear of collapse due to the National Socialists. There are views from different children on the Hitler Youth being successful in its structure. The source shows how the members loved the Youth, ‘they enjoy every moment and the numbers are constantly rising’. We know this is an occurrence all over Germany as the Hitler Youth is very popular and its numbers are on a constant increase. Due to the source being a report we know its main interests are informative and the writer has intentions to tell the truth.