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Hi friends, I present you the strategic planning of Amtrak Company. I found it on their company website.

Based on the Vision and Mission we have established for Amtrak, as well as the challenges and opportunities we face, we have established a concise set of long-term corporate goals that serve as measurable signs of our progress. Our corporate strategic goals focus on three strategic themes:
1. Safety and Security
2. Customer Focus
3. Financial Excellence These themes are highly integrated – we cannot succeed in one of these areas without succeeding at all of them. Each theme has a goal that includes the performance measures through which we will determine our progress. These measures are listed below. With time and experience executing this strategic plan, some measures may be modified as we identify more effective ways to gauge success.
Safety and Security Goal: To set the industry standard for safety and security to ensure that every customer and employee goes home injury-free every day. Performance Measure will be done based on Peer-to-Peer Safety Observation Rate and Passenger Injuries per Million Riders
Customer Focus Goal: To acquire and retain the most satisfied customers of any travel company in the world. Performance Measures will be done based on Customer Praise-to-Complaint Ratio, Customer/Partner Satisfaction Index and Ridership.
Financial Excellence Goal: To be profitable on an operating basis and be good stewards of capital in order to secure our long-term viability as a company. Performance Measures will be done based on Operating Ratio and Adjusted Net Income/(Loss).
The full strategic plan of the company can be obtained from the link provided below. By reading their strategic plan I found some of the interesting points which I want to share with you. Their entire strategic plan is revolved around their vision and mission. They have clearly indicated their goals and the key performance indicators that the Amtrak Company will use to determine their progress in achieving their goals. Most of the Amtrak strategic plan is customer focused. This is very important in making a company very successful. Also a customer focused strategic plan can really help in getting a high return on investments. Also in their strategic plan the company clearly