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1. Contribute or Hindering Communication:
Risk: High correlations between credit, market, liquidity, and valuation risks underscored the need for more adaptive approaches to investment risk management. Meanwhile, growing numbers of fraud cases and more tax scrutiny showed the extent of operational risk. Managers are beginning to place more emphasis on emerging investment risks, or those that appear unlikely.
Human Capital: The managers are investing in recruiting and retaining talent. Competition for the best people is as great as ever. Most managers already have people strategies, but they are seeking to align these more effectively with their business strategies.
Growth: The managers are scrutinizing their businesses to find ways of strengthening their market positions and exploiting the few growth opportunities that exist. Future growth will depend largely on execution, with go-to-market strategies, branding, distribution analytics, and client-facing services proving important. Additionally, innovative and customized products, as well as global and emerging market strategies, offer opportunities.

2. Challenges: Technological: Determining how knowledge should be dispensed and transferring it quickly and effectively is a huge challenge. Constantly changing structures mean learning how to be smart, quick, agile and responsive.
Legal: Customers, who are dissatisfied can file class action lawsuits against your company, in which they gather in large consumer groups and attack your company over faulty products, services, or promises. With enough dissatisfied…