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English 7/ Period 7
Equality and Responsibility
In today’s modern society, we have problems with stereotypes and basing things off of the past. We should know that things are different now, but some people are stuck in the past and keeping the rest of us back. Stereotypes vary in all sorts of categories but the one that I am focusing on is equality for parental responsibilities.

Most people would think the wife needs to do the cleaning and cooking and needs to watch the kids and go to the school functions and the dad only needs to go to work and end it there. But if you think about how many children live with divorced parents, the father needs to clean and cook at his household for when the children come over (if that is the arrangement) and other tasks that would seem “motherly”, and the mother needs to work herself to bring money into the house and other tasks that seem “fatherly”.

If, in many cases, the wife works and the husband stays at home to look after the children, it shouldn’t stay with the wife only working and the husband doing the cleaning, cooking, and taking care of the kids. Responsibilities should be divided between the parents, and each should always be helping with work around the house. Whether it’s cooking dinner and alternating or switching laundry loads. By dividing work, neither of the two get tired or feel like one is doing all the work.

Part of the stereotype is people follow it themselves, so when the partner asks the other to help they go to the stereotype instead of agreeing to split the work. This angers them both and creates 37.8% of the divorce rate (combined household and child care