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Fire Safety
7th Grade

Objective 4.3
Design plans to reduce the risk of fire related injuries at home, in school, and in the community at large.
• http://abcnews.go.com/GMA/video/christmas mansion-fire-happened-15238193 • Fire related emergencies and especially those with possible injuries can be devastating. The best fire safety practice is to make sure a fire doesn't break out in the first place. By the end of today’s lesson, you will be able to identify measures to reduce the risk of fire related injuries What are the four components of fire?
• Fuel—Wood, chemicals, anything that can catch fire
• Oxygen (Air)
• Heat
• Chemical chain reaction

Fire and Burn Hazards

No smoke detector
Blocked exits
Overloaded electrical fuses
Frayed electrical cords
Trash stored near heating unit
Heating appliances to close to things that burn
Fireplace without a screen

In a fire, smoke will:
• Settle near the floor
• Rise to the ceiling
• Stay near the fire

If your first and second exits are blocked and you must escape a smoky area, you should:
• Cover your nose and run quickly to your exit
• Roll quickly to your exit
• Crawl low under the smoke to your exit

When entering a building other than your home, you should:
• Locate exits and stairways to use in case of fire
• Locate the elevators to use in case of fire

If you cannot escape from a burning building, you should:
• Open doors to let the smoke spread evenly throughout the area, then call the Fire
Department to let them know where you are.
• Close doors between you and the smoke, seal cracks with duct tape or towels, then call the
Fire Department.
• Hold your breath and run quickly through the smoke to the stairwell

Safety Feature