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Character Sketch of Matt 8-26-13

Have you ever imagined being left alone in the woods for months and getting your own food? That was Matt. His father left him out of necessity to go back to Massachusetts to get his family. Because of this, Matt matured by taking on manly characteristics. He demonstrated manly characteristics of bravery of a man, the mind of a hard working farmer, integrity, and the ability to think on his own.
Matt had shaggy brown hair, he was a strong and healthy teenager and his hands were as rough as sandpaper. Matt showed his bravery by boldly accepting that he could be attacked by a vicious, ginormous bear while walking the deep green forest, or he could run out of food and becomes a skinny toothpick and just fall over dead, or meet Indians and be killed by them. Matt did not worry too much. He was brave enough to stay home alone. He realized he could live alone and as long as he had his father’s firm rifle, he was safe. As hard working farmer, every day Matt was consistent to pull the pesky weeds out of the cornfield and scaring off the dark wretched crows that devoured the corn. He finished patching the cabin and always made sure he had fire wood stacked up against the small cedar cabin. He also made trim for the inside of the cabin. Matt often did a day of unyielding work, working from the moment of sunrise to the moment the sun rested. He did this tremendous amount of work so the next day he could stride in the forest with no worry of labor. Matt lived by Christian morals. He commonly followed the commandment “Honor your father and mother and to love your neighbor as yourself.” When his father left him he was told to be always hospitable to other strangers even if it were an Indian. Matt