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8th Grade Final Exam Study Guide 2015 Exam: May 26, Tuesday

Punnett Squares
1. Monohybrid Punnett Square
2. Dihybrid Cross
3. Multiple Alleles
4. Incomplete Dominance
5. Codominance
6. Sex-Linked Cross

Assessment on the following Organ Systems:

Skeletal System
…Functions of the Skeletal System (5 functions) (Power point or Pg. 490)
…Compact and Spongy Bone (matching) (Pg. 491-492)

Muscular System
…Classifications of Muscle Tissue (Power point or Pg. 499)
(Cardiac, Smooth, Skeletal) Involuntary-Voluntary
…How do the muscular and skeletal systems work together?

Digestive System( Power point notes or starts on Pg. 529) *majority of exam is on the Cardiovascular System
…Functions of the Digestive System
…Anatomy (organs of the Digestive System) large intestine/pancreas/mouth/esophagus/duodenum/stomach/bile/liver/gallbladder/small intestine
Circulatory System (Power point notes or starts on Pg. 546)
3 sections
1. Cardiovascular System
…..Coronary, System, & Pulmonary Circulation
…..Pulmonary Circulation related to the Respiratory System (Oxygen/CO2 exchange-diffusion) Pg. 548
2. Blood Vessels
…..Arteries, Veins, & Capillaries
…..Blood Pressure
…..Cardiovascular Disease
* Diagrams of the parts of the heart and circulation pathway (see page 2)
Oxygenated side of heart and low in oxygen

…Distinguish among the six classes of nutrients and its importance (Starts on Pg. 518) (Proteins, Carbohydrates, Lipids (Fats), Vitamins, Minerals, & Water)
1. In detail, explain cardiovascular disease and the types of cardiovascular disease. Explain how we can prevent cardiovascular disease.
2. From all the organ systems that were learned, how is the entire organ systems connected together? How is homeostasis maintained in the body?