8th Class Autobiography

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Name: Trinidad Palm

In my life, I have created many memories with many different people. Throughout my history on the planet earth, many events and memories have occurred, but by far, the most memorable one so far was my seventh grade year at Actis Junior High. The memories there were created in math, woodshop, and history. Some of the most important memories there were caused by mistakes, from which I gained a bit of knowledge.

First, I walked to my first period class on the first day of school, with high hopes, anticipation, and a little bit fright. In the first ten minutes, I already knew that that class would be my least favorite class all year. After all, it was math, which many people loathed as well. But my teacher, Mrs. Wall, helped me throughout the year, and taught me one of my favorite catchphrases; “Debra - it’s the rise over the run.” This is applied to a math term relating linear functions. The lessons in there were overall pretty boring, but I actually became closer friends with my classmates, while learning a bit about math. Overall, I shared many fun memories with both my classmates and teachers, and I
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My 8th period class was world history, with Mr. Knickerbocker. Mr. Knickerbocker is one of the most interesting people I have ever met, he teaches history, owns a Ferrari, and his family line created Kellogg's, a famous cereal brand. He taught me many things, such as referring to someone as Ms. or Mister, shows a sign of respect. I also learned many interesting facts about what our world used to be, and what we should look out for so that history doesn't repeat itself. In conclusion, out of all my years on this beautiful earth, none of the memories can quite top the memories that I have created in my 7th grade history