9/11 All Is Not Well

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andre clark
Ms. Connolly
LIT 2000
17 July 2012
9/11 All is Not Well
The attacks of 9/11 will be always in our memory, everyone knows the terrible story of this four-hijacked plane and how they finished, more than three thousand of people lost their life and almost six thousand get injured, but all the information that is presented to us is truth?
For years we believed that the World Trade Center fell down because the damage that the planes produced were catastrophic, but with the pass of the years many unofficial reports from experts let us know that it was impossible that this two giants fell down because of that, they believe it was a controlled demolition, all the reports and notes that appears in We Have Some Planes are already known to the public so that’s why these don’t make me to change of mind, is the official report made by the government and just as in the war where the winner writes the history some information is not presented to everybody and gives the opportunity to believe that there are many more things behind that information disclosed. Is not fair to all the lives lost that day, is not fair with their familiars because there are to many questions but just few answers.
How it’s possible that the plane fuselage in the pentagon and the united 93 disintegrated and disappear, they didn’t find anything not even the bodies, but they found the id and documents and the wallet of some of the terrorist? How a person who wasn’t capable of turn on a small plane