9/11 Compare And Contrast

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On the date of Sept. 11, of 2001 a terrorist attack was set on the twin towers and the pentagon. This terrorist attack is referred to across the world as 9/11. There was a total of 4 planes that were hijacked in order to carry out these two attacks. The hijacking that was needed in order to carry out the suicide bombings of the twin towers and the pentagon were held by 19 military men that are associated with the terrorist group Al-Qaeda. The first two planes crashed into the towers of the World Trade Center. The third plane hit the pentagon just out Washington D.C . The fourth plane was about to crash into the White House but instead it crashed into a field in Pennsylvania. The attacks took the lives of over 3,000 American people. Of the 3,000 people over 400 police officers and firefighters were also killed. Eighteen wminutes after flight 93 hit the World Trade Center flight 175 turned sharply into the second building. The man who was behind 9/11 paid a total of …show more content…
Whereas 9/11 was against civilian targets.Another significant difference is that after 9/11 the United States was able to retaliate against the aggressors much quicker. Within a month we were waging war in Afghanistan against the Taliban and Osama bin Laden. Whereas after the attack on Pearl Harbor, it took us six months to stop the Japanese and probably nine months before we were able to start launching an offensive against them. The force of strength differed significantly in the two attacks. A difference was the fact that the Japanese attack was a government-sponsored attack using significant force strength. There was a whole naval task force, 360 planes, six aircraft carriers that launched this attack. Whereas in 9/11, it was a nongovernment-sponsored attack, involving 19 people with four aircraft. And some say that America’s response differed following the