9/11 Heroes Research Paper

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The shocked spectators gaped as the airplane smashed through the whole World Trade Center, leaving a huge billowing cloud of smoke behind. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the droning of a passenger jet met their ears, growing louder and louder every second. With a huge crash the second plane collided with the south tower, vaporized in a cloud of fire and smoke. This ordeal was just one of the two disasters that will be discussed today. The heroes of the Titanic and 9/11 disasters were characterized in three ways: heroism, bravery, and fearlessness. These three characteristics will be looked over briefly in this essay.

The first way that these heroes were similar is heroism. Although this is a fairly broad topic, it over arches the many types of heroes. Heroism is the way in somebody acts with great courage and when someone is looking to a noble end. This means that they are not only very brave and courageous, but are doing it for a higher cause than just fame, but a noble end.
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Fearlessness is the word that describes people that do things and don't think about themselves and what might happen to them. For example, skydiving is a sport that many people get the shivers even thinking about, but a fearless person will do it willingly and immediately, even impulsively. It sort of is a synonym with bravery, but still has its own unique meaning. This quality was illustrated in the day of 9/11 by a person named Hatton. "When everyone else was running out, he was running in" (Five heroes to Remember). This man was not afraid of what was going to happen to him, but just out of instinct ran in. Fearlessness was also demonstrated aboard the Titanic when the engineers worked tirelessly in the pit of the ship, keeping the ship upright as long as possible, keeping radio contact, keeping electricity on, and manning the pumps. These men were fearless because they did their work willingly to the end without thinking of their own