9/11 Short Stories

Words: 1796
Pages: 8

It started with a bang; a shot rang out in the midnight sky with the flash of colour breaking the darkness. A scream shattered the calm summer night. The light suddenly flashed on in the house, but it proved mute for the damage was already done. Judith, the Scott’s sixteen year old daughter, was nowhere to be found. Her room remained much like it always had, however, sat on her bed, lay a pair of white gloves; Two small measly white gloves were all that was left of Judith.
Out of the darkness, a man knocked on the door. The two parents, scared of what they had just discovered, slowly opened the door to find the man His long trench coat protected him from the cold and his hat guarded his bald head. He flourished a shining badge that glinted
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He noted the deep bereavement that filled the family’s hearts. Often times family has a large play in disappearance so he can only assume everyone's a suspect. Slowly making his way up the stairs, his beady eyes perused the carpet in her room. As Swain began to search, nothing stood out immediately until eventually coming to the window. As he scrutinized it, he saw a pair of blue diamond creasted earrings. They lay on the window sill, one of the small stones in the center was missing. He picked up the earrings carefully analyzing their shimmering beauty. They were warm, telling Swain that they were recently worn but quickly taken off, almost in a purposeful hurry. He deduced that this kidnapping wasn’t by accident or a panicked action. This was cold and calculated. Beside the window on the walnut desk, lay a pair of bleached white, long tipped women's gloves. He picked them up and examined them closely for their material and texture. With the fashion of the 1950’s ever changing, these pair of gloves had little importance to Swain yet he oddly felt very attracted to them. He stretched the gloves from his fingers to his just above his elbow, and they had three shiny beads by the hole for the thumb. They looked like they had been well-used, as they were worn and dirty in some places. The glove was small, and did not fit Swain’s hand. They had little ocher stains of some unknown …show more content…
He thought hard about the situation. Was someone trying to tell him something? Who was this man in the photograph and who would have moved the box let alone put things in it? In that moment, he knew exactly what was going on. This crime, was instead twisted and dangerous beyond his wildest dreams. He ran out of the house leaving Kathleen crying on the couch with her husband and threw open his car. As the engine revved up, he slammed on the gas and left straight for the Swanson household. He didn’t know what he would find there but he feared the worst. It took him only a few moments to get there and as he pulled up to the house it looked as it had for years. The house was almost bleach white with red bricks filling the lower half of the house. Swain scared of what could be before him, exited his car after grabbing his gun from the glove box. First, he knocked on the locked door only to find no answer forcing him to kick the door in. Similar to what one might expect in an abandon house, dust covered everything from the furniture to the floor. Swain’s bright eyes studied the floor and he found his clue. They was a fresh set of footprints leading into the basement and what looked like drag marks as if whoever made those footprints was trying to carry an overly heavy bag. Swain made his way to the basement door and began to open it. The door protested with a loud screech that could be heard from the street. Swain’s made