9/11 Short Stories

Words: 1769
Pages: 8

“I’ve never done anything like this before,” said the spy as she carefully blew dust off of the old map. “Are you really sure I’m the right person for the job?” The spy slowly glanced around the room in confusion, making eye contact with each consultant. A tall woman arose from the long meeting table the four quietly sat at. “We are sure you are fully capable of going through with your mission, #11.” As she glared impatiently at the young spy, her long, ruby red nails clacked against the wooden table in a rather rhythmic fashion. “Well, I mean… I…” the spy stammered, as she was cut off by the woman yet again. “Silence, #11. That is the job you have been assigned. Besides, you know what will happen if you don’t comply.” Her eyes looked like icy blue daggers as she stared her down, while a small scowl appeared across her pale, thin lips. The spy knew what would happen if she protested any further. “Yes, madam, I do.” She paused and sighed just a second before confirming her answer to the mysterious woman. “I accept my mission.”
Her mission was simple. Get in, grab the box, get out. At least, that what Maude told her to do. In reality, Claire had to break in, disable
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An awkward silence followed before the supervisor finally spoke back up. “Sorry… it was against protocol for me to yell at you like that.” Maude cleared her throat before continuing. “If you would please look at your right you will find a brown bag that carries all of the supplies needed for your mission. After you locate the bag you may exit the helicopter and find yourself on the front lawn of Jade Manor. Wait for further instructions when you get outside.” Claire nodded and swiveled to her right, as she had noticed the satchel during her beep induced