9/11 Short Stories

Words: 1644
Pages: 7

Casey sat in the middle of the bed and watched him vanished out the door. The pillow took the brunt of her anger as she pummeled it with her closed fists wanting to scream in frustration. Why did she have to ruin tonight? All her plans were progressing so well. Why would she say Sean’s name while making love to Ray?
How am I going to get out of this one? Sitting in the dark, she tried to think of a solution that would fix this night’s fiasco. No light bulbs came on. No brilliant ideas came to mind. She would have to proceed with discretion. However, knowing Ray, he would need time to cool down before she even attempted to discuss a plausible resolution.
Too upset to sleep, she picked up Lacey’s journal to continue reading in spite of Ray’s warning that she was too involved with Sean O’Malley. Almost in defiance, she turned to the bookmarked page.
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No spectacular revelations. However, reading between the lines, she could sense the strain in Sean and Lacey’s relationship. They didn’t spend as much time together. No more picnics by the pond or quiet walks in the garden. She could relate to that.
Late September and early October entries mentioned Sean worked long hours in the fields harvesting the crops. That year’s yield had overtaken the previous year’s production, and it kept him extremely busy. He spent a lot of time away overseeing the ginning of the cotton, and Lacey believed he used this as an excuse to put distance between them.
In November, Lacey wrote that she was beginning to feel that Sean intentionally ignored her, and couldn’t understand where the man she had fallen in love with in New Orleans had gone. She seemed sad and lonely. Casey knew that feeling all too well. A December entry brought more questions to