9/11 Short Stories

Words: 1012
Pages: 5

Will fell into an alternate universe, and appeared in Halloween-town. Will walked around for a bit to explore before going around to ask for help. A bunch of people wouldn’t help him. He gave up, until he saw a dog walking around town. Will asked people if the dog was theirs, but everybody said no.
Finally, Will stopped at the last house on the block. It was shabby and in need a paint job. Will timidly approached the front door and knocked quietly. Knock, knock, knock. “Whooo's therrrre?” came a voice from inside. “It’s me, Will. I was just wondering if you had lost a dog recently?” said Will.
Suddenly the door flew open and a see-through, well dressed man came into view. “Oh, Thank you soooo much! I have been soooo lost without
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Do you think the owner of the house will give it to me?” Will asked.
“They might give it to you, if I tell them that I’m Bob Forte,” said Bobby. “Would you really do that for me?” said Will.
“Sure, why not?” said Bobby.

While Bobby went to talk to the homeowner, Will walked aimlessly through the endless streets. Soon, Will didn’t recognize where he had wandered off to. “Gosh!” Will exclaimed, “How did I get so lost? Where am I?”

Out of nowhere, Will saw a sign that advertised that there was a Halloween wrestling tournament in the woods; The Boogie Man versus a zombie. If I can get to the wrestling match, I can talk to the zombie and maybe get the bags of candy back for the trick or treaters! he thought. To get to the arm wrestling tournament, he had to go around the cemetery, under the Pumpkin Patch, and through the woods. Suddenly, Will remembered the advice that Bobby had given him earlier in the day…
“If somehow we get separated while trick or treating, NEVER go into the woods!”

Will was reluctant to venture through the woods, against Bobby’s advice. Will then thought to himself, “Nothing ventured - nothing gained!”

Meanwhile, Bobby was scared to death that he’d lost Will for