9/11 Short Stories

Words: 684
Pages: 3

Nobody had any idea there was a meteor heading really fast towards earth. When it landed on the ground, it cracked open with little bugs that looked like spiders crawling out. Soon there came a Golden Retriever named Goldie that was stealthy when it came to getting out of the house at night. He had an acute sense of smell for things and soon sniffed out the meteor. He sniffed the meteor until it burst open with a BANG!
The dog barked at it until the little spiders crawled on its back and went through the dog's skin. The spiders went to the dog's brain and started controlling it. Soon the spiders took over the bodies of ten dogs. The dogs started craving human flesh and blood. Emily a ten year old girl looked out the window of her house and saw a whole bunch of dogs running down her street. She told her mom named Jessica and she called 911 but before the police officers answered the phone, she heard whining behind her and turned around to see Goldie with scabs and scars all over his back. The mom yelled, “What happened to you? We were looking all over for you!”
Soon the police arrived and couldn't get out of the car because there too many dogs crowded around the car. One of the dogs bit Jessica’s leg
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A puppy comes trotting over to the mom laying on the driveway and the police officer tried to save her but the puppy ate right through her stomach. Emily’s mom screams in pain and then sadly dies. Emily ran over to her mom and when a dog came up to her and looked at her with its red glowing eyes, and bit her in the arm. Emily started to cry because she got bit and because her mom was laying dead in front of her. The police officer grabbed emily and took her to the hospital right away. Emily saw the police officers waiting outside her hospital room. Once Emily was done with her surgery the police officers saw a crevice in the door to her room. They went in and talked to